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The team of CELISAR has been working together in logistics since 2003. At that time, the company operated under name Global CELISAR LTD and main service was maritime transport.

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Efficient, cost-effective, and reliable. Our Sea freight services ensure seamless global shipping for your cargo, whether it’s large or small.

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Speedy, efficient, and secure. Our Airfreight services provide swift delivery of your cargo to destinations worldwide.

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Flexible, dependable, and cost-effective. Our Road freight services offer efficient transportation solutions for your cargo across local and international routes.

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Efficient, eco-friendly, and reliable. Our Rail freight services offer a sustainable transportation option for your cargo. Connecting your goods seamlessly across regions.

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We’ve been working with CELISAR for years, and they continue to exceed our expectations. Their expertise in logistics, combined with their personalized approach to customer, sets them apart in the industry.


Trusted and longstanding Partner

As a global importer, we rely on seamless logistics solutions to keep our operations running smoothly. With their comprehensive range of freight services, CELISAR has been instrumental in ensuring timely deliveries and cost effective shipping option for our business.


Key international Partner

Navigating the complexities of global logistics demands a partner that not only understands the intricacies of the industry but also delivers with precision and reliability.


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We provide comprehensive shipping solutions including air, sea, land, rail and more. Don’t hesitate to contact us for all your transportation needs.

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Target markets


Hong Kong


Over the times, the service portfolio expanded with air and land transport, warehousing and customs clearance.

In September, 2018 CELISAR LTD became a member of Estonian Chamber of Commerce and Industry.

From autumn, 2023 CELISAR LTD is a member of Estonian Logistics and Freight Forwarding Association (ELFA)


Today we can say that we have won the trust of Estonian manufacturers to present their unique products to our good partners in Asia.
Our moto is not to hide real product brand and manufacturer name behind our own label.
Our communication with partners always based on transparency.

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Celisar - trading - candies

Members of the CELISAR team have been involved in various transport and manufacturing sectors in the past and now we have reached to the trading through our Asian connections.
We have focused mainly on complicated and time-consuming sector of business, such as the food sector and more precisely, organic food and cosmetics trade.